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Fully explore your destination with a boat rental

River tourism works perfectly now. You can have this ambition to go further than the beach. You can rent a boat just now, there is no need to make some reservation, just choose the boat that attract you.

Take a bow and flow away

River tourism is not so foreign to you. Many boat owners are embarking on this project right now, just because boat maintenance is too expensive. The boat trip gives you that feeling of freedom and that are what’s great about this feat of the sea. It has nothing to hide, but it has everything to hide. It's also good to disconnect from the city, and when we hand over the ocean, there is a vast blue that gives us nothing to do. Know that if the sea on holiday is luxuries that only billionaires are right, there is a boat of diversity that are rent according to your budget. And besides, the routes do not miss.

Spend a weekend on a barge

Suffering for a good getaway for a boat rental can cost you anything. We will not go around the world, but stay in Paris, because yes, you can rent an electric boat for 5 people visiting Venice, it’s nice not! It will be a crazy day from 9 am to 30 22 pm. We can sail on the coast of the island of “Ré” in “Aix-en-Provence” by example and make a rental for a week for a trip to St. Martin or to tour the “Fort-Boyard” and spend the evening with great thematic animation. We can go further and visit Corsica, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, the Caribbean, Germany, Holland, France and the United States on a catamaran for a few weeks of freedom and without skipper.

Finally, what would be great is to make a nice cruise and get lost in the Bora Bora islands until Taha’a in Tahiti.


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