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Visit the far coasts of your favourite destination

They vary from all-inclusive family-friendly beach resorts to exclusive romantic getaways. Along with rest, relaxation and endless hours in the sun, beach vacations offer a slew of great body, mind and soul benefits that’ll put a spring in the step and a smile on the dial. With more than 377,000 km of coastline covering holiday hotspots like the Caribbean, the Riviera, Indian Ocean Islands and the Mediterranean, how do you find the best beach vacations in terms of facilities, cost, accessibility and water quality?

Exotic Beach Vacation Spots for Active Individuals, Couples and Families

Depending on your requirements, you’ll find cheap beach destinations on our site for yacht charter rentals. If snorkelling or scuba diving is your passion; Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean beaches should be your first port of call. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the coral reefs around the island of Zanzibar off the coast of Kenya and the underwater action around Bermuda, Barbados and the Virgin Islands is destined to keep your mesmerised for weeks at a time. Avid surfers can pick and choose from great beach vacations in Florida, California, and Australia and along the Gulf of Mexico. There are even awesome surf spots in Europe.

How to Find Cheap Beach Vacation Spots around the World

At our mission is to help you find the perfect seaside escape from the fast-paced working world. That’s why we’ve rated the best beaches on the planet – from Kenya in Africa and San Diego in the USA to Cuba in the Gulf of Mexico and Phuket, Thailand – and we invite you to rate the beaches you’ve visited over the past few years.

Best Beach Vacations

We cover sizzling hot southern California vacation spots, like the best beaches in San Diego then hone in on cheap tropical vacations – and feature exquisite beach resorts dotted right across Europe. Whatever destination you choose, you can rest assured the water quality is good, the accommodation rates are affordable and there’s plenty of cool beach stuff on the go to keep you and your family active, engaged and entertained.


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