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A spa bath: ideal for getting to sleep

Many people suffer from insomnia and do not know what to do. The ultimate and underrated solution is a spa bath. The hot water and bubbles in your hot tub will greatly relieve your stress and may contribute to better relaxation and better sleep. Just before going to bed, set your spa bath to 37 degrees Celsius - body temperature, and enjoy a fifteen-minute massage. Your sleep will then be deeper, healthier and possibly longer. Notice to those who suffer from insomnia ...

A spa bath: more affordable luxury than you think

Relaxation in the evening before going to bed is no longer a luxury reserved for fans of wellness centers. You can completely equip yourself at home. No need to move. Because a whirlpool or a bathtub with an integrated whirlpool does not cost much more than a conventional bathtub. Equip yourself with a balneo bathtub and presto, you will quickly feel like you have a home spa, which you can use at any time of the day. Do you have a very small bathroom? This is not a reason. Because the advantage is that a whirlpool bath can be installed in almost any bathroom, because the space required is very small. Choose the design of your dreams and the components you prefer and you are ready to pamper your body and mind. Do you think that despite everything, your bathroom is too small? So you can always treat yourself to an outdoor spa. In short, an inflatable spa bath. These also have many advantages.

A spa bath: it requires maintenance

If you opt for a spa bath, its maintenance will require more maintenance time than your conventional bath. Conventional bathtubs clean up fairly quickly, while if you want to keep your spa bath for a long time, careful maintenance will be particularly important. The classic tub is relatively easy to clean with soap, a sponge and water. Maintaining a spa, on the other hand, is a more thorny issue. These baths have extremely sensitive technology and the pipes and fittings are generally not accessible without special tools. The integrated disinfection objects take care of a large part of the water purification. With them, the hot tub can be kept clean or almost sterile.


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